General Overview

With headquarters in Cairo, and based on long and high  experince stuff, and for serving Oil & Gas sectors in North Africa & Middle East areas by providing them with their needs from chemicals and other industrial materials, Petro Service International Company “PSICO” was founded in 2007.

We started our business in the Libyan market acting as liaison between the end-users and the chemicals’ manufacurers, then our business expanded to includes the Egyptian market and very soon will expand to Sudan and Tunisia.

Our objective is to create a partnership with our respectable customers in both these two areas, and our mission is to provide them with our products which will maximize their profitability, and to help them to perform their missions excellently, whilst minimizing their operational risk and cost, and we do this mission by maintained high skilled, trained, and motivated employees and through demonstrated quality, service, and High responsiveness which will surpasses the expectations.

And through understanding of our customers’ needs, we are committed by improving our services and providing our products for all our respectable customers, which meet or exceed the requirement specifications, delivered on time and at the contracted prices