Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

AlMoghera Has Developed Acid Corrosion Inhibitors XMI-2104 To Prevent Corrosion & Meeting our Customers’ Acidizing Challenges

Uninhibited hydrochloric acid of various strengths will react to corrode steel. The amount of damage to assets comingin contact with the acid is a function of contact time, acid strength, and temperature. As the temperature goes up, theeffectiveness of many moderate temperatures acid inhibitor drops below desirable protection levels.

The corrosive action of acid on steel at high bottom hole temperature can be greatly reduced by adding XMI-2104 to the acid. XMI-2104 will protect at temperature up to 350°F. It disperses well in acid solutions, resulting in good inhibitor distribution and protection. Laboratory tests have proven XMI-2104 will give excellent acid corrosion protection for as long as 24 hours.

XMI-2104 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor is a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds, acetylenic alcohols, and amide and oxyalkylated phenols in aqueous alcohol solvent system.

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