Acid Emulsifiers

Al Moghera Offers Proven Acid Emulsifier For Acidizing Applications in Oil Producing Formation

High acid internal phase emulsions may be prepared with kerosene or diesel fuel with EM-5, as high as 70% of acid may be emulsified with 30% of diesel or kerosene fuel under the proper condition.

Emulsions are prepared by dissolving the EM-5 in the kerosene or diesel then slowly adding the acid with sufficient mixing. Varying degrees of emulsion (and viscosity) can be formed.Emulsions may also be designed to provide for deeper penetration of live acid into the formation where elevated bottom-hole temperature tends to increase acid reaction rates. The internal phase must be added to the acid solution of emulsifier in the external phase a little at a time; if the internal phase is added too rapidly the emulsion will not be formed properly and be unstable.


The amount of EM-5 Acid Emulsifier required will depend on the stability desired and the presence and nature of other acid additives to be employed. EM-5 requirement will usually be in the order of 1%-2% (10-20 gpt) of the total emulsified fluid.

The EM-5 Advantages

EM-5 emulsifier can be used to emulsify diesel, kerosene, light crude oils, and condensates. The concentration of EM-5 emulsifier can be adjusted to regulate the stability and retardation properties of the acid.

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