Acid Friction Reducers

Our Friction Reducer is designed reduce pipe friction pressure while pumping water during hydraulic fracturing treatments

Friction reducers are used predominantly in aqueous base treating fluids. Normally used in small concentrations, their primary function is to permit full treatment to be applied with maximum hydrostatic pressure and maximum pumping rate and pressure; without excessive friction pressures.Our FRA-220 will give a 70-80% friction reduction in fresh water fracturing fluids. It can be added to the fluid in the blender and begins yielding in seconds. The product is not normally adversely affected by shear.

FRA-220 It can be used in fresh water, 2% KCl, 10% NaCl, 2% CaCl2 brines, seawater, weighted brines, and up to 15% hydrochloric acid. When used in fresh water and brines, 1 to 2 gpt FRA-220 friction reducer is typically required. Acids may require up to 2 gpt of FRA-220 friction reducer.

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