Anti-Settling Agent

Our SL-111C Anti-Settling Agents Designed to Prevent Solids From Settling and to Control Free Fluid Particularly in High Water ratio Cement Slurries

Anti-Settling Agents is used primarily to hold cement and additives in suspension while cement is setting like high angle, horizontal wells, and light weight, high water cement ratios. Al Moghera’ SL-111C is a high molecular weight polymer that is stable at high temperatures.In oilfield cement slurry applications, imparts both anti settling and fluid-loss control properties.


  • SL-111C is fully compatible with several API cements including Classes A, C, and G. SL-111C Reduces filtration in all freshwater cement slurries, and for most salt systems, upto 18%, as well.
  • SL-111C Can be used at temperatures up to 350° F (177° C).
  • SL-111C Is fully compatible with all other cementing additives i.e. accelerators, retarders,etc.
  • SL-111C is environmentally friendly
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