We Provide Specially Formulated Biocide designed to work against a broad range of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria reducing bacteria that can cause H2S corrosion.

Biocides are utilized to control the growth of various types of bacteria. In particular, controlling the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and general hetrotrophic bacteria (GHB) is critical for minimizing the formation of hydrogen sulfide

Our MBKILL-1001 & MBKILL-1040 are a highly effective biocide designed for use in water based fracturing fluids and has been found to be as effective as conventional biocides in preventing bacterial degradation of fracturing fluid components. MBKILL-1001 & MBKILL-1040 can control aerobic bacteria such as slime formers and anaerobic bacteria such as sulfate reducers. By controlling sulfate reducers,chances of immediate, H2S corrosion are lessened.

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