Cement Dispersant

Our Cement Dispersants Reduce The Apparent Viscosity of Cement Slurries & Improve The Total Rheology By Reducing Friction Resulting in easier Mixing and Displacement of Cement Slurries

Our CD-9, CD-9L & CD-4 are Powder and Liquid Cement Dispersant Additives are used for the purpose of modifying the rheology of a cement slurry. Cement Dispersant Additives may be used to promote turbulent flow at a reduced flow rate as compared to neat cement slurries.


  • Reduces apparent viscosity, while minimizing free water separation and settling
  • Enables slurries to be pumped in turbulence at lower pressures
  • Salt tolerance up to 18% NaCl
  • Compatible with all cement systems and additives
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
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