Cement Spacers

Our Cement Spacers is Designed for Environmentally Safe and Efficient Separate The Drilling Mud From The Cement Slurry.

Spacers used to separate the cement slurry from the drilling mud.They are made in a manner to be compatible with both the cement slurry and the drilling mud in use. It is very important that the fluids be compatible as the majority of drilling muds are flocculated by cement slurries. If a spacer is not used, there could be a very thick build up at the cement mud interface. There is also the possibility of an added build up of displacement pressure posing a problem.

We have developed a range of Cement Spacers specifically designed to to separate the drilling mud from the cement slurry


CSP-400 Cement Spacer designed to be pumped ahead of a cement slurry. The spacer separates the cement slurry from the drilling fluid and is designed to be compatible with both the slurry and the water-based drilling fluid. When oil-based drilling fluids are encountered, CW-107 is added to render the spacer compatible with the oil-base mud.


  • Can be weighted up to 20lb/gal. All standard weighting agents,such as barite.
  • The spacer density can be easily modified on location to meet job requirements.
  • Compatible with all cement systems and most additives
  • CSP-400 is environmentally friendly

CSP-417 Cement Spacer is a high-performance cement spacer formulation mixed with water to make a water-based spacer system to use ahead of cementing for primary, squeeze and remedial cementing operations.


  • Single-sack spacer System
  • Hydrates rapidly which eliminates the need for premixing
  • Designed to make preparation of the spacer simple and convenient on location.
  • Used without adding Chemical wash /Stabilizer
  • Compatible with all cement systems and most additives
  • CSP-417 is environmentally friendly
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