Our CLX-10 Crosslinked gelled water frac fluid is designed to transport high proppant concentrations & reduce leakoff, offering an environmentally safe option where viscosity is required.

Crosslinkers are materials which form complex, high viscosity, pseudoplastic fracturing fluids when added to linear gels. CLX-10 cross-linked Guar Gels will develop high viscosity, which will carry proppants effectively and allows higher proppant concentrations, which increases the fracture width. Fracturing fluid leak-off is reduced, which assists in increasing the fracture half-length.

CLX-10 cross-link fluid yields a high-quality, temperature-stable gel system with very accurate break times at very low temperatures.Normal concentrations of crosslinked fluid gel loading range between 20 to 40 lbs per 1,000 gallons of frac fluid.

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