Production Maximization – Foam Control

Production Maximization – Foam Control Foam can be a problem in many different processes of the oil and gas industry. Undesired foam in oilfield production reduces the overall capacity of [...]

Production Maximization – Scale Inhibitors

Scale inhibitors are necessary due to the increased use of produced and recycled water as fracturing fluids. In addition to scale issues caused by most produced water, co-mingling of incompatible [...]

Production Maximization – Biocides

Appropriate microbial control in oil and gas recovery processes is critical for safe and efficient operations. Several parameters, including antimicrobial efficacy, compatibility with equipment [...]

Foaming Agents

Foaming Agents We have developed Foaming Agents That are Used to Unload Fluids from Gas Well Production Casings Foaming Agents are particularly beneficial in air or gas drilling through [...]


Detergents Our Powerful Drilling Detergent Designed to Reduce the SurfaceTension of all Water-Base Mud Systems Our MAX-DET16 Drilling Detergent is blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants [...]


Defoamers Our DF-33 & DF-38 are Used to Eliminate Existing Foam from Water-Based Drilling Fluids and Brines. We Have developed a range of defoamers DF-33 & DF-38 that used to control [...]

Corrosion Inhibitors

XMI-101 XMI-101 is a water soluble corrosion inhibitor used in water-based drilling systems as a corrosion protector against oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide formation brines, and [...]


Biocides Our portfolio of biocides prevent bacterial degradation and help reduce the souring of drilling mud. Our Biocides products MBKILL-1001 & MBKILL-1040 are biodegradable bactericide [...]


Biocides We Provide Specially Formulated Biocide designed to work against a broad range of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria reducing bacteria that can cause H2S corrosion. Biocides are utilized to [...]

Foaming Agents

Foaming Agents We’ve developed a foam fracturing product line designed to perform at the highest standards, using non-toxic chemicals. Foaming agents are used to reduce the density of a fluid [...]

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